Stab City


As Tall As Lions

Compositor: As Tall as Lions / Clifford Sarcona / Daniel Nigro / Julio Tavarez / Saen Fitzgerald

My heavy head is full of debris
Sometimes i wish this city would
Sink in the sea
'cause even when i find the love it's fake
And everything i want to touch
Would break

In some strange way
It's like you're never there
You just float by
Crawling in the air
I've been so tired
I can barely breathe
Open your eyes
Once and try to see

So don't say you'll see me

This skeleton town
With snakes in the grass
Where every single breath you take might be your last
And even when you find the love
It's fake
And everything you try to touch will break

Our crooked feet
Burn up the street
And every time we're passing by
You feel the heat
Of 80,000 burning souls asleep
There's 50,000 crying out to me

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